“We value being good neighbors. If I love my neighbor, I don’t just care about their soul or spiritual life, but also about their opportunities, whether they experience justice and have access to food and medical care. My life is richer when I reach out to my neighbors, and I hope that their lives are richer too. Maintaining our contact allows us to dream about a better neighborhood – what kind of changes we can bring about as a community. For me, this priority means that I spend time with people, listen, and learn about the dreams they have for the neighborhood; then look for ways we can collaborate.”

–Micah Schuurman, living at Casa Adobe since 2015.

What does this look like for us?

  • Urban organic gardening workshops
  • Chess club (Join us every Friday night at 6:00!)
  • Collaboration with local associations on collective projects
  • Art and learning activities for youth
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Check Out Our Neighborhood:

Just 7 Km from San José

Urban meets rural in this area that was once filled with coffee fields and now hosts mulit-generational families in their modest, colorful homes.

Santa Rosa hosts a sports clubs for the kids, zumba multiple times a week, and don’t forget every home’s “cafecito” – the necessary mid-afternoon café.

The neighborhood is diverse: middle class and poor, Nicaraguan migrants and established Costa Rican families, urban workers and many who struggle to find a job. The temptation of drugs on the streets make it hard for many kids to finish school, but we also have active community members who have fought for educational opportunities and work with our kids daily.