“Our earth is suffering, and we are responsible. The tendency to use and abuse our mother earth, seeing her only as an object, has caused irreversible damage. We need to act, and act now! Casa Adobe and we who live here want to contribute to creating a different world – because small people doing small things can produce great change (Eduardo Galeano).”

–Erika Alvarez Salguero, living at Casa Adobe since 2015.

What does this look like for us?

  • Working with local associations and youth to build an organic community garden
  • Holding periodic events for the neighborhood to celebrate and learn about our earth
  • Producing much of our own food (fruits, herbs, and vegetables)
  • Reducing waste through composting and using recycled gray water
  • Partnering with other organizations to learn about and seek greater sustainability in our neighborhood
We regularly welcome volunteers who want to work in the garden, plan learning activities, and help us become more sustainable. Connect today!