Our Community


At Casa Adobe, people of different nationalities, social backgrounds, abilities, emotions and hopes share life. We are joined in the dream to respond to God’s love through concrete expressions of neighborly love. Casa Adobe gives us a space to grow in harmony with God, with our land, and with our neighbors.


Santa Rosa


Santa Rosa is a special place. It has large supermarkets and extensive coffee plantations. The urban and rural are in one place. The freshwater river and the green mountains in the distance make the place beautiful.


God’s Creation


Our planet is suffering from the abuse of air, sea and land. And that suffering is shared by people. Especially those who have less. We believe that God created everything good and invites us to relate creatively and healthily with everything around us.



Serve for a year as part of the Cohort of Missioners. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in direct service, a spiritual formation process, and a theological perspectives training, while staying connected and learning from other cohorts in Central America.