Casa Adobe is located in Santa Rosa, a district of Santo Domingo, roughly 7 km from San José. Santa Rosa, a town that has existed for many years, has grown considerably in the recent past. 20 years ago, the streets were made of dirt and the main street was not used much. Neighbors remember the days of sitting outside on the main street and chatting with one another. Today, people look for places to gather that are farther from the noise of the traffic on the main street, which connects two routes to San José.

Santa Rosa is a special place. It has large supermarkets and extensive coffee plantations. The urban and rural are in one place. The freshwater river and the green mountains in the distance make the place beautiful. In addition to the varied landscape, the population is also very diverse. On a corner lot tucked away from the community of Santa Rosa, Maria, a newly arrived immigrant from Nicaragua, wakes up cold due to the structure of her house made of zinc and cardboard. She covers her 5 children with her blanket, knowing that she awaits a hard day of walking: 4 times alongside the road, 3 km in all, to take her children to the school. In another part of the community, Sofia leaves her apartment to wait for the train at 7 in the morning. Very formal and serious, she thinks of all the calls with disgruntled people that await her at her job at the Call Center. Her neighbor, Juana, wakes up in bright spirits and goes to the bakery to buy bread for her family’s breakfast. She drops her child off at school and then greets her customer, whom she had previously arranged her daughter’s communion dress, and continues on her way, thinking about the upcoming preparations for the processions during Holy week. On the main street, Don Fernando is sitting in his favorite chair with his coffee and newspaper. Smiling, he greets his neighbors that pass in front of his house. Louis, a young man, gives thanks for the sun and goes to the field to play soccer. No one he knows is there and so he goes to a corner to meet up with his friends who invite him to smoke marijuana with them. Santa Rosa is unique; but it is not so different than other communities. Santa Rosa easily blends in with the surrounding communities of San José.