The creation is the result of the goodness of God to fulfill a particular function, but not only to be the result of the spoken word of God, but because he himself confirmed that harmony and that goodness with his blessing.

This blessing is translated into the active engagement of God with man to accompany any effort to safeguard the proper use of natural resources, the reduction of the impact of pollution on the environment, and the reconciliation of all things.

In Casa Adobe we contribute to that active engagement of God with human beings, working together for the improvement of the relations of creation to its creator. For this reason, we strive towards our dream, dedicating ourselves continually to build a community model, in which each and every one of us strives to reflect our nature and our origin.

Our planet is suffering from the abuse of air, sea and land. And that suffering is shared by the people. Especially those who have less. In Casa Adobe believe that God created everything good and invites us to relate creatively and healthily with everything around us. Thus we avoid unnecessary consumption, we reuse everything possible, we recycle our waste and gray water, grow a simple garden, we raise a few animals. We want to remain good creating and sustaining the life of every living thing.